Pindari /Kafni Glacier (4000m/3800m) Trek
in Kumaun Himalayas, Uttaranchal, INDIA

Best Period: mid-March to mid-June and mid-September to mid-November

"The rugged beauty of the trek is a breathtaking sight as one treks along the route surrounded by the majestic pindari1Himalayas every inch becomes a fresh song of nature and at every curve the eyes embrace a new landscape more beautiful than the one before." - M.S. Kohli
The territories of Kumaon and Garhwal together known as Uttaranchal stretch for about 300 km between Himanchal Pradesh and Nepal. It is bordered by Himanchal Pradesh in the West, Nepal in the East, the Uttar Pradesh plains in the South, while Tibet marks its northern boundary. To the Hindus, Uttaranchal is what the Holy Land is to Christians or Mecca to the Muslims. In ancient tradition as Dev Bhoomi it is the Abode of Gods. The land is the home of majestic Himalayan peaks, glaciers, rivers, passes, meadows, forest, valleys, lakes, varied flora and fauna, and of unsurpassed beauty.

Pindari Glacier is about 3 km long and 0.25 km wide and is located 30°15'N lat. & 80°00'E long. at an altitude of 4000m in the Kumaun Himalaya of District Bageshwar in Uttaranchal.dhakuri1 There is a magnificent view of the famous Nandakot (6860m), Maiktoli (6804m), Nandakhat (6611m), Baljuri (5922m), Panwali Dwar (6663m) and Changuch (6322m) and other peaks enroute to Pindari Glacier.

Kafni Glacier is located at the foot of Mount Nandakot (6860m) at an altitude of 3800m in the Kumaun Himalaya of District Bageshwar in Uttaranchal. There is a magnificent view of the famous Maiktoli (6803m), Nandabhanar (6104m), and other peaks enroute to Kafni Glacier.




At least 10 days advance notice is needed for bookings


  • Rates per person are Rs.14500/= from Nainital to Nainital for Indian Nationals and US$ 475 for foreign nationals.
  • These rates are for a minimum batch of 5 persons. For larger or smaller groups or individuals please contact.
  • The above rates are from base camp to base camp.
  • Age group: 12 years and above